The Redbubble store is open for buisness!

2017-03-30 06:19:52 by LadyMatze

The Redbubble store is open for business!!!

I feel like trying something new.....taking a crazy dive and seeing if I'm able to swim.i been wanting to try this for a while so I’m selling some of my artwork here!I hope to see you all there pretty soon!


2017-03-02 21:14:27 by LadyMatze

I finally received and finished my first commission and it was amazing! so I thought why not advertise them here! here are my details!

I hope to do business with you soon! :)

Now streaming!

2017-02-25 12:41:23 by LadyMatze

I noticed i haven't streamed much so why not since I'm going to be home all day today plus I wanna try out the new features here so come one come all I enjoy our little chats  today I feel like drawing some things from my notebook like Fem Nixxiom but I must warn my stream like most of my art is marked 18+ so keep that in mind if you hate that stuff .....see ya soon!